Home office with desk, chair, PC, laptop, tablet, and cell phone

The Best Equipment and Technology for Working From Home

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Working from home has become popular for many people. There are many benefits to working from home, such as flexibility, more time with family, and decreased stress levels. Remote employees tend to be happier and less likely to leave their jobs which is a good thing because it means less employee turnover for companies.

However, in order to be successful when working from home, you need the right equipment and technology in your remote work environment. Your home workspace needs to be equipped with all the right home office equipment, no matter if you’re going to work for a company or for yourself.

Most companies that hire remote workers for customer service or technical support positions have specific requirements for the type of equipment and internet you’ll need. They will typically list these requirements somewhere in the job posting, so it’s a good idea to read it thoroughly, so you don’t miss anything. And, some companies will even send the necessary equipment to you. However, you’ll still need to have a quiet remote location in which to work, along with office furniture like a desk and ergonomic chair.

Even if you’re going to be working for yourself as a freelancer or independent contractor, you’ll still want to ensure that you have the best home office set up to make working from home as productive as working in an office. 

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Home office with desk, chair, PC, laptop, tablet, and cell phone

Necessary Home Office Equipment 

Home Office

When you work from home, it can be hard to find a quiet place to concentrate. Kids, pets, and partners can all make noise that can break your concentration. And if your home is small, it can be hard to find a place where you can really focus. 

That’s why it’s important to have at least one quiet place to work when you’re working from home. Whether it’s a corner of your bedroom or even a walk-in closet, you can still make a comfortable and productive work-from-home setup. 

This is especially important if you’ll be working for a company and taking phone calls, and not working on your own. This is because most companies do not allow any type of background noise. So it’s a good idea to find the quietest space in your home away from noisy pets and family members.


When setting up your home office location, it is important to choose the right desk. After all, this is where you will be spending most of your time working. The first thing to consider is the size of the desk. It should be big enough to comfortably hold your computer and printer and any other materials you may need. However, it should not be so large that it dominates the room. 

Another important consideration is the style of the desk. A wooden desk will be a good choice if you prefer a more traditional look. A glass or metal desk would be a better option for a more modern aesthetic look. 

Comfortable Office Chair

It’s important to have a comfortable, ergonomic office chair when working from home. This is because you’ll be spending long hours sitting in front of your computer, and if you’re not comfortable, you’ll start to feel aches and pains. 

A comfortable office chair will help you stay productive when working from home. A good office chair will support your back and lumbar and allow you to adjust your position if you start to feel uncomfortable. It’s also important to have a chair that’s the right height for your desk. If your chair is too high or too low, you’ll end up putting strain on your neck and shoulders.


In order to be productive when working from home, it is important to have a good computer. A desktop computer or laptop with a fast processor and plenty of memory will help to ensure that you can open and run the programs you need without any lag time. 

While it is possible to get by with an older computer or a budget model, a good quality machine will make working from home much more pleasant and efficient. In addition, a large computer screen will make it easier to see your work, and a comfortable keyboard will help to reduce strain on your hands and wrists. 

Most companies that hire remote workers require your computer to be no more than five to seven years old. Also, most companies will not allow an all-in-one computer. 

High-Speed Internet

Working from home requires a reliable high-speed internet connection. After all, most business is conducted online, whether it’s sending emails, participating in a video conference, or collaborating on documents. 

A DSL or cable connection can provide the fast speeds and stable connection needed to stay productive when working from home. In addition, a high-speed connection can be a lifesaver when deadlines are tight and you need to send large files quickly. 

Unless you’re working as a freelancer or you have your own home-based business, you won’t be able to use wifi or a hotspot because companies that hire telecommuters require hard-wired internet.

Typically, internet speeds of at least 10 Mbps of download and 1 Mbps of upload will be enough. However, some companies may require more.

Anti-Virus Software

It is important to have up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your computer. While you may not be sharing a physical workspace with others, your computer is still susceptible to viruses and other malicious software. 

In addition, if your computer becomes infected, it can quickly spread the infection to other personal devices on your home network. By keeping your anti-virus software up to date, you can help protect yourself and your devices from potential harm. 

It is also essential to practice good cyber hygiene by regularly backing up your data and using strong passwords. By taking these simple steps, you can help keep your home office safe and secure.

Webcam and Microphone

A webcam allows you to see and be seen by others, which is essential for video conferencing and virtual meetings. A good webcam will have HD quality and a wide field of view to be seen clearly. 

A microphone is also important so that your voice can be heard clearly. A good microphone will have noise-canceling features to ensure that your voice comes through loud and clear. When working from home, a good webcam and microphone are essential because many companies will require you to be on camera during training.

Noise-Canceling Headset 

Almost every company that hires remote workers who will be taking customer calls will require you to have a noise-canceling headset with a mute button.

Noise-canceling headsets can be a lifesaver because when you’re on the phone with a customer, they’ll never know that you’re not in a professional office space. 

Telephone Dial Pad

Many people who work from home in customer service find that a telephone dial pad is an essential tool. A dial pad allows you to easily input phone numbers, as well as access features such as call waiting and caller ID. 

When you are working from home, it is important to have a reliable way to communicate with your customers. A telephone dial pad can provide you with the ability to do just that. 

Second Monitor

A second monitor can be a major asset for anyone who relies on a computer for work. Instead of constantly having to switch between open windows, a second monitor allows you to see multiple applications at once. This can be a major time-saver when helping customers, and it can also help to reduce stress levels. 

Second monitors are also relatively affordable, making them a great investment for anyone who spends a lot of time working on a computer.

All-in-One Printer

An all-in-one printer can be a valuable asset when working from home:

  • It can help to save space in your home office. Rather than having a separate printer, scanner, and copier, an all-in-one machine consolidates these functions into one device. This can free up valuable desk space, making it easier to keep your work area tidy and organized.
  • An all-in-one printer can help to save time. Rather than having to scan and copy documents separately, you can do both tasks with one machine. This can be a major time-saver, especially if you have a lot of paperwork to process.
  • An all-in-one printer can help to save money. 

Because you only need to buy one machine, you can avoid the expense of purchasing multiple devices. In addition, some all-in-one printers include features that can help you to save on ink and toner costs. For example, some machines have duplex printing capabilities, which means they can print on both sides of the page. This can help you to use less ink and reduce your printing costs over time. 

While most companies don’t require you to have an all-in-one printer, they do come in handy. In the event you need to scan paperwork to send to your company, it saves you time and gas from having to drive to your local office supply store.

Final Thoughts

When you’re deciding what to buy for your home office, it’s important to consider your budget and needs. If you’re going to be working from home for a company, they will usually have the requirements listed on their website or in the job posting. So, with a bit of research, you should be able to find the perfect tools for your needs. 

If you can’t afford a computer right now, but want to work from home, here’s an extensive list of companies that supply equipment

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