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60 Best Gig Economy Apps and Sites for Making Extra Money

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If you’re a woman looking for a way to make some extra money, the gig economy is a great option. The gig economy consists of on-demand freelancers who are hired on a project-by-project basis, and they can be highly skilled professionals or unskilled laborers.

The gig economy is perfect for women because it offers flexibility and freedom. You can work when you want and how you want. You’re also not tied down to a single job, so you can take time off without any consequences if something comes up.

There are many services available in the gig economy that women can take advantage of. Some of the most popular ones are on-demand meal delivery, grocery delivery, and ridesharing. So if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, the gig economy is definitely the way to go!

What is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is a fairly new way of working. People are paid for completing tasks rather than jobs. The term gigs in the gig economy are like individual assignments that people get paid for accomplishing, such as delivering a meal or repairing something. 

Instead of hiring regular employees, companies can hire freelancers to perform tasks (gigs). Workers benefit because they can pick which jobs to take on and when. So both companies and workers benefit.

In this new era, companies are offering more on-demand gigs than ever. No longer do people have to rely on a traditional job for work. And some companies have created apps and websites specifically to connect gig workers with people or businesses needing tasks completed.

Gig workers use these platforms to offer their services on demand. Workers can sign up for various gigs and work as needed with these gig apps and sites. They’re free to choose whether or not they want to take the job or reject it.

Types of Gig Jobs

Types of popular gig jobs include food delivery, grocery delivery, ridesharing, handyman services, cleaning services, and pet sitting services, although this is far from all of them. 

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The Best Gig Apps and Sites

On-Demand Moving Gigs 

If you own a pickup truck or cargo van, you can make money helping people in your area move. If you’re strong and can lift heavy furniture, you can easily find moving gigs on the weekends.

1) Bellhop 

With Bellhop, you can get moving gigs with your smartphone. Bellhop is a downloadable app that lets you sign up and then offers services in your area if you can lift 100 pounds or more.

2) Buddytruk 

Buddytruk provides on-demand moving services. It is based in Santa Monica, CA, and has an app that allows anyone to sign up as a driver. If you own a truck, you can help people move in your local area and earn up to $40 per hour. 

3) Burro 

Similar to Buddytruk, Burro is a service that helps you make money driving your truck. As of this writing, Burro operates in four states: Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. 

4) Dolly  

Dolly is a great way to get moving gigs. This app lets you sign up as a helper even if you don’t own a truck or even a car.

5) GoShare 

GoShare is an on-demand moving platform. Even if you have a regular car and not a pickup truck or van, you can still sign up.

6) Lugg 

Lugg is an app that connects people who need to move with truck owners. If you don’t own a truck, sign up as a helper and get paid for helping others move.

7) Phlatbed 

Phlatbed is a platform that matches people in need of moving help with people willing to help. You can sign up and make money by assisting people in moving within your area. 

8) Zapt 

Zapt is an on-demand moving and delivery platform. You will get more jobs and more tips if you do a great job. You will also be rewarded with commercial accounts, which provide regular income. Movers can earn $25 to $35 per hour plus tips.

On-Demand Ridesharing Gigs 

Ridesharing is a popular on-demand economy gig today. It’s an easy way to make money or boost your income by driving for an on-demand company. You can pick up people and deliver them to their destinations during your lunch break, at night, on weekends, or at any time.

9) HopSkipDrive 

HopSkipDrive is an on-demand ridesharing service that helps busy parents and caregivers pick up and drop off young kids. You can earn up to $40 per hour, plus bonuses.  

10) Lyft 

If you have a car and are willing to give people rides to their destinations, then Lyft can be a great way to pick up some money. To use Lyft, you just need to sign up, get the app, and then look for customers in your area who want to go where you are going. 

11) Uber 

Uber is the most well-known when it comes to ridesharing. You can use your car to make money by taking people to their destinations in your local area.

12) Wingz  

Wingz is a rideshare app. To drive for Wingz, you’ll need an SUV, minivan, or full-size/premium sedan that’s less than five years old. This company allows riders to book scheduled rides to airports two months in advance. They also allow riders to request their favorite driver.

On-Demand Delivery Gigs 

The on-demand delivery economy has expanded the ways people earn money. Increased demand for everything to be delivered to your doorstep has created opportunities for on-demand delivery workers to monetize their cars and earn money as a side gig. There are various types of delivery jobs, from food to package deliveries.

13) Amazon Flex 

If you’re looking for a part-time gig, Amazon Flex is an excellent option. Think of it as Uber or Lyft, but instead of transporting people or food, you deliver Amazon Prime packages. It’s pretty flexible – you can work when you like, and you can earn up to $25 per hour.

14) Burpy 

Burpy is an on-demand grocery delivery service. You can make $25 per hour as a personal shopper.

15) DeliverThat  

DeliverThat is a company that provides on-demand food delivery and operates in cities across the United States. The company is rapidly growing, and it allows full-time or part-time work, so drivers can choose what schedule works best for them.

16) DoorDash 

DoorDash is a delivery service that operates in three countries. You can sign up to be a Dasher and work when it’s convenient for you.

17) EatStreet 

The EatStreet mobile app is a great way to make extra money. Sign up as an EatStreet driver to deliver food in your area. 

18) Eaze 

Eaze is a cannabis delivery service in California, so you’ll need to live in that state to sign up. Licensed retailers pay their delivery drivers an hourly rate, plus mileage reimbursement to deliver to customers.

19) Favor 

Favor is an on-demand food delivery app that is only available in Texas. So, if you live in Texas, you can sign up and start earning. 

20) Instacart 

Instacart offers on-demand grocery shopping and delivery services. You can earn money by shopping for and delivering groceries to customers.

21) Shipt 

Shipt is an on-demand shopping service that pays you to shop for and deliver groceries to others.

22) Pickup 

Pickup is an on-demand, same-day pickup and delivery service for large and heavy items like furniture. Delivery drivers earn an average of $40 per delivery plus mileage and tips. 

On-Demand Labor and Service Gigs 

If you are good at manual labor or a professional in any field, these apps and web platforms will connect you with clients who want to use your services. You can start a side job or work these on-demand jobs full-time. 

23) AllBetter 

AllBetter is an online platform that connects homeowners with professional service providers like cleaners, plumbers, landscapers, and electricians. 

24) DesignCrowd 

DesignCrowd is an excellent place for graphic designers to find on-demand gigs.

25) Fiverr 

Fiverr is a global company based in Israel that provides customers with on-demand services. Through their platform, freelancers can find gigs that range from website design to customer service.

26) GigSalad 

GigSalad is an online, on-demand platform for entertainers to post their services and find gigs.

27) GigSmart 

GigSmart offers professional and non-professional on-demand gigs.

28) Glamsquad 

Glamsquad is a beauty app that offers on-demand beauty services. Hair, nail, and makeup professionals can register and then choose their hours.

29) Hamperapp 

Hamperapp offers on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services. It has a driver system where users can sign up to pick up and deliver clothes to and from customers and service providers.

30) Handy

Handy is an online platform where you can get paid to clean other people’s homes or fix their appliances. Free to sign up, it connects you with people locally and is an easy way to find a side job.

31) HelloTech 

If you’re a tech geek, you can get paid to fix people’s computers and TVs. You determine your schedule and work as much or as little as you want. You’re paid twice a week through PayPal. 

32) Homee 

If you offer handyman services, you can sign up with Homee and find gigs in your town.

33) Helpr 

Helpr is an on-demand childcare platform. You can sign up and find babysitting gigs in your area.


HouseSitter is a great place to find house-sitting gigs in your area.

35) MaidsApp 

MaidsApp is an on-demand service that specializes in residential and commercial cleaning. You can sign up and find cleaning gigs near you.

36) Needto 

Needto is an online marketplace where people who need work done can find professionals. They have all kinds of specialists, including automotive, computers, handypersons, lawn care, and photography.

37) Priv 

This on-demand beauty app is like Glamsquad, but they also provide ear piercing, personal training, and spray tanning services.

38) ShiftSmart 

ShiftSmart offers a way to gain experience in different industries by doing a variety of gigs in your area. Just sign up, download your resume, and choose the gigs you want to work.

39) Staffy 

Staffy is an on-demand platform that digitally connects skilled workers with labor shifts in healthcare, hospitality, and the general industry with shifts to fill. 

40) Steady 

Steady is an app for workers to find any kind of on-demand gig or job in their area.

41) SudShare 

SudShare offers on-demand laundry services. You can sign up to do laundry in your home for other people.

42) TaskRabbit 

TaskRabbit is an on-demand freelance service marketplace. It matches freelance labor with local demand. Just sign up as a Tasker and offer services such as moving, cleaning, delivery, or handyman work.

43) Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a platform that connects people with local service providers. You can search for gigs in your area. Gigs include photography, home improvement, and appliance repair, to name a few. 

44) Upshift 

The Upshift app is like ShiftSmart. You can sign up and find on-demand gigs, in a variety of industries, in your area.

45) Wonolo  

Wonolo is a platform that connects companies and workers. The platform is convenient for employers to use because it helps them find flexible, part-time gig workers.

46) YourMechanic 

YourMechanic is an on-demand platform for auto mechanics. Experienced mechanics can sign up and find gigs in their area.

47) Zeel 

Zeel is an app that connects licensed massage therapists in their area to customers. Customers can get a massage at home, at work, or in a hotel room.

On-Demand Rental Gigs 

There are a few different ways you can use on-demand rental jobs to make money. You can rent out your boat, tools, parking spot, or even your own home. All of these on-demand rental jobs allow you to make money from things you already own. 

48) Boatsetter 

Boatsetter is the Airbnb for boats. If you own a boat and live near water, get paid to rent your boat out to others.

49) Fat Llama 

Fat Llama is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that allows you to rent out your unused stuff and make money. 

50) FluidTruck 

Fluid Truck is a peer-to-peer rental company that lets you rent out your vehicle, no matter when or where. If you own a truck, van, SUV, or car, you can make some extra money by renting it out.

51) Getaround 

Getaround is an online, on-demand car-sharing platform. You can list your car for rent and make money.

52) HyreCar 

HyreCar is an on-demand car rental platform where Uber and Lyft drivers can rent a car to use for work. You can make money renting your car out to them for their shifts.

53) Loanables 

Loanables is a rental platform. You can make money renting out almost anything you own, from grills to generators.

54) Rentah 

Rentah is a peer-to-peer rental platform that lets users rent goods and services from each other. You can sign up and rent out almost anything you own.

55) RVshare 

RVshare is an online RV rental platform where you can make extra money renting out your RV to others.

56) SpotHero 

SpotHero is a parking marketplace that connects drivers with parking spaces and services. SpotHero is available to drivers in over 300 cities in the United States and Canada, and you can make extra money renting out your parking space.

57) Turo 

Turo is an on-demand car-sharing service that allows users to rent vehicles from the owners directly. It’s a great way to make money renting out your cars.

On-Demand Pet Service Gigs 

A decade ago, being a dog walker was not a possibility. Today, dog walker and pet sitter apps have brought hope to dog lovers’ lives. Dog lovers can now turn their love for dogs into a tangible living or just a side hustle.

58) PetBacker 

PetBacker is an app that connects customers to pet service providers based on location and availability. Pet sitters can choose their hours and set their fees. Customers can also request services directly from their favorite pet service providers in the app or online directory.

59) Rover 

Rover is an on-demand online marketplace for pet sitting, boarding, and dog walking. Founded in 2011, it’s a simple way for people to make money sitting for pets, boarding them, or walking them.

60) Wag! 

Wag! is an on-demand dog walking and pet sitting platform. You can sign up for free to become a Wag! caregiver and start earning.

Final Thoughts on Gig Jobs

Gig jobs are booming, and there are plenty of opportunities to make money. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, these 60 best Gig Economy apps and sites are a great place to start. With so many different options available, there’s no reason not to get started today.

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