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10 Cash Back Apps and Sites to Save Money When You Shop

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Saving money should be on the top of everyone’s mind when it comes to shopping. The great thing is, that saving money is sometimes simpler than it seems. And using cash back apps can be one of those simple ways to save money when you shop.

Cash back apps can help you save on purchases you make every day, and there are countless free apps available. When you use cash back apps, you can seriously boost your savings because you’ll get cash right back in your pocket each time you make a purchase.

These apps are easy to use and typically work for both online and in-store purchases. 

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Best Cash Back Apps

1) Checkout51 

Checkout 51 is a simple and easy way to earn money back on groceries, gas purchases, and online shopping. You can browse offers within the app and then upload a photo of your receipt after you shop to verify your purchase. 

Checkout 51 offers aren’t store-specific, so you can shop at any grocery store, drugstore, big-box store, or convenience store. There are sometimes store-specific offers, but they’re clearly marked. 

Cash back rebates are deposited into your account. When your account reaches $20, you can redeem it for PayPal cash or request a check.

2) Dosh 

Dosh app gives you cash back for doing simple things like eating out, booking hotels, and shopping. 

The best part about Dosh is, unlike other cash back apps; that it doesn’t require you to upload receipts. Just connect your debit or credit card to the app, and it automatically awards you with rewards when you’re shopping in-store. When shopping online, you will need to click through offers within the app to receive rewards. 

Depending on the retailer, rewards are typically 2% to 3% of the purchase price. When you have at least $25 in your account, you can redeem it for PayPal cash, Venmo, or a debit card.

3) Drop 

The Drop app automatically pays you back for your purchases. It links directly to your debit and credit cards and pays you back for purchases at certain stores. 

After downloading the app, you’ll need to link your bank account or credit/debit card. Drop then rewards points each time you purchase from one of their partners. When you reach 5,000, which equals $5, you can redeem. However, Drop only offers gift cards and not PayPal cash.

4) Fetch Rewards 

Fetch Rewards is a free app for your phone that helps you earn cash back on every receipt you scan. For every receipt you scan, you’ll get points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Every 1,000 points are equal to $1.

You can scan your receipts from select retailers, but they must be scanned within 14 days. Any receipts older than 14 days are not eligible to earn points.

Each time you scan an eligible receipt, you get five points. When you’ve accumulated 3000 points in your account, you can redeem them for gift cards.

5) Ibotta  

Ibotta is a mobile app that allows you to earn cash back on the purchases you make in stores. Ibotta is free and available for both iOS and Android. After downloading the app, you can select your favorite stores, browse the different offers, and start earning cash back immediately.

After you sign up with Ibotta, you’ll need to choose the stores you shop at and connect your loyalty card. You will also need to decide which items you’re going to buy before shopping. Scan your receipt after you finish shopping, and Ibotta will give you your rebate. After you have $20 accumulated in your account, you can withdraw it to your PayPal account.

6) Rakuten 

Rakuten is a cash back site that rewards you for making purchases through their website or using their browser extension, and you don’t have to scan any receipts. This is probably one of the best cash back sites for online shopping.

You can earn 1% to 40% cash back on almost anything purchased through this site. Anyone 18 or up can use Rakuten, and they have partnerships with 2,500+ retailers.

Rakuten will automatically send your cash back every three months either by a check or PayPal cash, whichever you choose.

7) RebatesMe 

RebatesMe is a cash-back platform that offers robust, flexible rewards to thousands of popular retailers. RebatesMe offers daily rebates and choice double cash-back offers for specific stores, making it an excellent option for thrifty shoppers.

RebatesMe is easy to use. You can either download the app or use the extension for Chrome before shopping online.

When your account reaches $10, you can redeem it for PayPal cash, credit cards, or gift cards. 

8) Receipt Hog 

Receipt Hog is a free app that rewards you for uploading photos of your receipts. Users can upload receipts from almost anywhere they shop and earn cash back in the form of points.

Unlike many cash back apps, Receipt Hog has no restrictions on the type of items you buy in order to get your refund, and you can shop for almost anything.

When you upload the photo of your receipt, you’ll be rewarded with coins. When you have 1000 coins in your account, you can redeem them for PayPal cash or gift cards.

9) ReceiptPal 

ReceiptPal is an app that lets users reward themselves with cash or gift cards just by snapping pictures of receipts on their smartphones. 

Even though you can’t get PayPal cash, you can get gift cards from popular retailers with ReceiptPal. Plus, you’ll automatically be entered into weekly cash drawing giveaways.

10) Shopkick 

Shopkick is an interesting shopping app that offers you rewards for various activities related to shopping. Not only do you earn rewards for shopping, but they also provide users with real monetary rewards for simply walking into a store. 

Shopkick users can exchange their points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Final Thoughts

Saving money is necessary, and there are a lot of money-saving apps to help you save when shopping for essentials.

If you’re looking to save some money on your next shopping trip, then you should definitely download these apps. They will help you save a lot of money on your food bill and other essentials.

Also, to earn the most money possible with these apps, you should sign up for more than one of them. The deals offered in each app might often change, so be sure to check out each app weekly to find the best deals.

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