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200 Places to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

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Are you interested in working from home and don’t know where to start? If so, this post might be for you. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of legitimate work-at-home opportunities, but sometimes they’re difficult to find.

Knowing which companies offer remote jobs can be challenging, even on legitimate job boards. So, in this post, I’ve put together a list of 200 legitimate companies that offer real work-at-home jobs. Even though this isn’t all of the companies that hire remote workers, it will at least give you a starting point.

And the best thing is that many of these don’t require a college degree or previous experience. All you need is a high school diploma.

To work for these companies, you’ll need to have a home office, a computer, and high-speed internet access. 

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Woman working in her home office

Where to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Academic Test Scoring Jobs

Remote academic test scoring is a job that requires the assessment of student essays, exams, and tests. Typically, those who take on this position must have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject; however, some employers may require an English major. 

Because these jobs usually coincide with the school year, they are often seasonal.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Jobs

If you’re an experienced accountant or bookkeeper or hold a degree in accounting, then your dream of working from home could soon become a reality. More and more accounting jobs are being filled from remote locations without physically being at the office.

Most of these accounting and bookkeeping jobs require a degree or previous experience to qualify for a position.


Banking and Financial Jobs 

The banking and finance industry covers a wide range of services, from investments to money management and even bitcoin. These companies offer many remote jobs in the field, such as loan support, customer service, and mortgage underwriting. 

Whether you’re looking for a career in financial planning or personal lending, there is no shortage of opportunities in this growing sector. 

These companies offer online jobs and great benefits.


Captioning Jobs 

Captioning is an essential tool that helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing access audio and audiovisual content. It involves the translation of audio into text, allowing the viewer to read what is being said on television, film, webinars, videos, movies, and any other form of entertainment. 

These companies hire captioners to work from home.


Chat Agent Jobs 

A remote chat agent is a customer service representative that provides assistance to customers over an online platform. They help with product, service, or technical issues, answer questions and help with customer service needs. 

Remote chat agents can also monitor chats for any potential or existing customer problems. They are able to provide fast and effective support wherever and whenever it is needed.


Customer Service Jobs 

A remote customer service representative provides customer support from a remote location, typically from home. They assist customers with inquiries, complaints, and other requests for assistance. 

They may also handle customer feedback, make recommendations, resolve disputes, and provide. 

Remote customer service representatives are expected to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining accurate records of all interactions.

Customer service jobs are in high demand, and these companies almost always have remote positions open.


Data Entry Jobs 

A data entry clerk, also known as a data entry operator, is a person responsible for entering information into computers and databases. They typically input numerical, alphanumeric, and symbolic data into systems using specialized software. 

Data entry operators must have a good understanding of computers and the ability to accurately input and organize data into Excel spreadsheets or other programs. 


ESL Teaching Jobs 

Online ESL teachers work with students worldwide to provide instruction, practice, and assessment in English as a Second Language (ESL). 

Essentially, they help their students become proficient in English as a second language.


Freelance Writing Jobs 

Freelance writing is a type of work where writers are not bound to one particular employer or project. Instead, they take on a variety of small projects from different clients and get paid for their work.

A freelance writer may create content for blogs, websites, magazines, books, and other media outlets. Depending on the project and the writer’s preferences, freelance writing can provide flexible hours and opportunities for remote work.


General Transcription Jobs

Transcription could be the perfect opportunity if you’re looking for a job that allows you to work from home and take advantage of your excellent typing skills. 

General transcription jobs can typically be done at any time of day, and you have the freedom to work according to your own schedule as long as you adhere to any assigned deadlines.


Healthcare Call Center Jobs

Healthcare call centers are responsible for providing medical and administrative support to healthcare professionals. 

These centers usually hire individuals to provide answers to customer inquiries, process outbound calls, record patient demographics, schedule appointments, and verify insurance. 


Insurance Jobs 

Working from home in the insurance industry is for you if you’re looking for a field of work with lots of different possibilities. 

Many of these insurance companies don’t require any college degrees or previous experience to start working with them, and they frequently have open positions.


IT Jobs 

Information technology (IT) jobs involve working with computers and related systems to store, retrieve, send, and manipulate data. IT professionals use their knowledge of hardware and software to troubleshoot issues, develop solutions for businesses and organizations, and design systems for new technologies. 

Their roles include network administration, cybersecurity, computer programming, database management, web development, system analysis, and system integration. 

These companies are always on the lookout for experienced IT professionals to work from home.


Legal Transcription Jobs 

Legal transcription is the process of converting audio recordings or other documents related to legal matters into written text. It includes court proceedings, interviews with witnesses and attorneys, dictation by lawyers, and other forms of communication related to legal matters. 

Legal transcription requires specialized knowledge of legal terminology and accuracy when transcribing audio recordings or other documents.


Medical Billing and Coding Jobs 

Women who are looking for a job that can be done from the comfort of their homes may want to consider medical billing and coding. 

To enter this field, you’ll need to obtain certification in medical billing and coding via an accredited program. 


Medical Transcription Jobs 

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is a process of converting dictated audio recordings from healthcare professionals into written reports. 

If you’ve completed a medical transcription program and are certified, these companies hire MTs to work from home.


Nursing Jobs 

As technology advances, at-home nursing jobs have seen an increase in demand. From telephone triage nurses to call center nurses, nursing recruiters, and case managers, there are now many opportunities for nurses to practice their profession remotely.



Freelance photographers are independent contractors, not employees. Magazines, newspapers, or other companies may give them specific assignments to take photos on a certain theme, or they may produce stock images that can be licensed and used by anyone.


Proofreading and Editing Jobs 

Working from home as an editor or proofreader can be lucrative, particularly if you have a great eye for detail and can spot typos and incorrect spelling. 

The companies hire independent contractors and allow you to work on your own schedule without having to commit to any stringent requirements.


Receptionist Jobs

A virtual receptionist’s main responsibilities include handling incoming calls, replying to emails, taking messages, and transferring calls to different people or departments. 

Virtual receptionists may also filter calls, collect data from callers, organize appointments, file electronic records, and respond to general inquiries about their organization’s services or products.

These positions are perfect for those who are outgoing and enjoy talking on the telephone.


Social Media Jobs 

If you’re always posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you love social media, then you may want to check into a remote social media job. 

Many businesses are in need of people who can help them with their social media accounts. From answering customer questions to helping companies to build their online presence, these jobs can be a lot of fun while also being very flexible. 



A remote personal stylist is a professional who helps customers shop for clothing online without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. 

Stylists provide personalized advice based on your body type, lifestyle, budget, and personal style preferences. 

This could be the perfect job for you if you have a knack for style.


Technical Support

Do you have experience with tech and troubleshooting? If so, your skills could help others while allowing you to enjoy working from home. 

Technical support requires problem-solving and communication, so if those are your strengths, it’s definitely worth considering.


Telemarketing Jobs 

Are you good at sales and love connecting with people? If so, working from home as a telemarketing representative could be perfect for you.


Telephone Interpreting Jobs 

In this day and age, speaking and writing in multiple languages is an invaluable skill. Many organizations recognize the importance of bilingual employees and offer incentives such as higher salaries for those who can use two or more languages equally well, both verbally and written. 

If you are a master of two languages, why not consider working from home as a professional telephone interpreter? You could make a great career out of it.


Translation Jobs 

If you have the language skills to communicate and write in multiple languages, consider working from home as a translator. 

A translator is a person that converts written text or speech from one language into another language while maintaining its meaning and context. 

This could be the perfect job opportunity for those who are bilingual.


Travel and Hospitality Jobs 

The remote work revolution has opened up many opportunities in the travel and hospitality sector. If you’re keen on creating a life for yourself that involves an exciting career but still allows you to work from home, then a remote job in the travel and hospitality field is for you. 

These companies hire remote travel agents and reservation agents to help people book their dream vacations and also assist corporate clients with business travel.


Tutoring Jobs 

Online tutoring jobs offer moms the flexibility to work their own hours whenever it’s convenient for them.

The educational requirements for online tutors vary, depending on the subject being taught. Basic topics may only require a high school degree, while more advanced ones might need a college degree. 


Virtual Assistant Jobs 

Working as a virtual assistant is perfect for stay-at-home moms who are looking to make extra money. Plus, if you’ve had office experience, you may already possess the necessary skills for this job. With so much demand for virtual assistants, opportunities won’t be lacking.

Working from home as a virtual assistant is a great way to help small business owners with everyday tasks.  


Voice Over Jobs 

Voiceover or voice acting jobs involve using the voice to provide narration, commentary, characterizations, and sound effects for various types of media projects. This can include radio and television commercials, animation and video games, audiobooks, podcasts, corporate training videos, and more. 

These companies hire voiceover artists to work from home.


Website Testing Jobs 

If you’re looking to make some quick cash from home, one of the easiest options is testing websites and apps. 

Testing websites and apps can be an incredibly easy way to supplement your income and earn extra money. It requires no previous experience, so this is a great option for making money online.


Final Thoughts

Before you begin the hunt for a remote job, it’s important to think carefully about what type of position would suit you best. 

Working from home can be wonderful, but it isn’t suitable for everyone. Take the time to consider your abilities and interests, and use that as a baseline when exploring all options. 

The companies listed here are a great place for job seekers looking to land a legit work-from-home job. Hopefully, this list will help you in your job search for your perfect job. 

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