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15 Ways to Get Paid to Test Websites at Home

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The Internet is full of ways to make extra money from home, and one of those is testing websites and apps. As far as online side gigs go, testing websites and apps for cash is as easy as it gets. So, if you’re interested in making some extra money from home, this is an easy way to do it.

There is no limit to how many testing sites you can join. In fact, the more of them you join, the more chances you have to make money because not every site will offer you the same testing opportunities.

Keep in mind not to do tests in a noisy place. Pay attention to the test requirements. Any background noise could mean you will not get paid for your work.

 Skills and Equipment Needed to Test Websites and Apps at Home

The job of a remote tester will require you to be very web-literate and have good communications skills. You’ll need to have a quiet place for testing, along with a microphone, camera, a broadband internet connection, and an updated web browser. 

A quiet place for testing is essential because background noises can lead to the forfeiture of your payment.

What is the Pay?

Website testing is not a full-time job, but it can be a part-time gig to supplement your income. Testing can help you earn extra money to spend on something special without draining all of your savings.

Generally, you can expect to earn $10 per testing session. Each session typically lasts about 10 to 20 minutes. Although, sometimes more complicated tests can take longer and pay more.  

Make an Extra $100+ Per Month for Free:

Earnably: Earn gift cards or PayPal cash to watch videos, complete surveys, and more.
GrabPoints: Earn money watching videos, completing surveys, downloading apps, and more.
Ibotta: Get paid to shop.
InboxDollars: Get paid to watch videos, shop, complete surveys, and more.
InstaGC: Earn gift cards, or PayPal cash by watching videos, taking surveys, shopping, and more.
Swagbucks: Earn gift cards, or PayPal cash by watching videos, taking surveys, shopping, and more. 

Desk with keyboard, mouse, cell phone, notebook, and headphones

Where to Find Website Testing Gigs



Analysia is available to you with an internet connection and a microphone. Once you create an account, you will get emails when tests are available to you. Each test lasts for ten to fifteen minutes, and you’ll be paid $10 for each completed and approved test. Payments are made through PayPal. The number of tests you get to take depends on your profile and demographics.


MyCrowd is a software testing company that pays you to find bugs. You get paid only if you find a bug that another user hasn’t reported in most cases. This is a competitive environment where you have to race against other workers to find the bugs first. Pay varies significantly from job to job.


When you sign up with Testbirds to become a tester, you can earn up to $20 per test. The average test takes 20 minutes and you can earn more if you find more serious bugs or defects. You don’t need any testing experience and some tests don’t require a microphone or camera.


With Ferception you will test apps or websites using your smartphone or tablet. None of their tests require you to record via video or audio; instead, you only have to take a picture and write about what you like and what you would rather see instead. They pay via PayPal or Amazon gift card. 


This company pays you to test mobile apps and websites. It’s easy to use; just open an account, take tests, and get paid. Every time you test a website or app, you help businesses improve user experience. 

The best part is you don’t have to be at your computer because you can use a cell phone or tablet.

They pay through PayPal, and you can request payment when you have at least $1 in your account.


Sign up at Userlytics to be a website tester. All you need to do is fill out a simple form then an activation link will be sent to your email. You have to click the link for you to access your Userlytics dashboard.

During each test, you’re expected to be as free and open with your thoughts as possible. You’ll be paid via Paypal for each test, generally around $10 per test, but sometimes more difficult tests pay more.


This company pays you to tell them what you think about websites. They offer tests on computers and mobile devices. They use software to record your mouse and voice.

After you sign up, you’ll need to do a sample test to show you how the system works and ensure that you fit their needs. They pay $10 to $15 per 20 minutes of responses, and they pay through Paypal.


BetaTesting, formerly known as “ErliBird,” allows you to test new websites and apps and earn $10 to $20 for each one you test. Payments are made within seven days to your Paypal account.


TryMyUI is a testing platform that pays you to test websites. You’ll need a computer and a webcam. You’ll also need a PayPal account. You can expect to receive a few opportunities each week. They pay every Friday through PayPal.


To become a website tester for IntelliZoom, you’ll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone, reliable internet, a quiet place to work, and the ability to download UserZoom’s eCertified software. Tests last between ten and twenty minutes, and you’ll earn $5 to $10 per test. They pay through PayPal, but payments can take up to 21 days to receive.


With TestingTime, you can make around $60 per test, and each test takes 30 to 90 minutes to complete. TestingTime is better than other companies because it gives you a live person to talk to during your test, not just a checklist of tasks. 

They pay via direct deposit or PayPal.


Userbrain is a user research tool that allows you to record your interactions with online sites and apps. After you sign up, you’ll have to do a qualification test. When you’ve been approved, you will receive emails letting you know tests are available. 

Each test pays $5 and lasts between five and 15 minutes. Payments are made through PayPal.


If you love gaming, you can make money by testing games! You are asked to share your thoughts during the game so that the developer can improve it. It’s like testing for websites and apps, but for games! The pay is $9 per test, which usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. 


Userfeel is another remote usability testing site that pays $10 for every 20-minute testing session. To get started, just create an account and log in. You can choose to test on your computer, smartphone, or smartwatch. Testers are paid through PayPal or Payoneer.


Unlike other sites, uTest gives you the flexibility to complete tests either online or offline. The jobs are also more diverse; you can choose which ones you want to do, depending on your skills and comfort level.


Final Thoughts on Website Testing

Almost anyone can test websites. All you need to do is sign up and complete the initial qualification test. It’s a great way to make a few extra bucks each month.

And since you probably already have all the equipment needed for testing, all you have to do is sign up and start making extra cash. 

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