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12 Tips for Cutting Cable and Streaming Costs

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In this day and age, home entertainment is a crucial part of our everyday lives. However, it can also come with a heavy price tag.

Paying for cable TV and streaming services can quickly add up, leaving you with a mountain of bills every month.

As a mom, you know firsthand how quickly entertainment costs can add up. But fear not! You can do a few things to cut cable and streaming costs and save money.

Let’s look at 12 tips to help you cut those costs and put more money back into your wallet.

Woman on a sofa holding coffee and a remote control

How to Save Money on Cable and Streaming Costs

1) Evaluate Your Current Subscription Services

The first step you need to take is to evaluate your current subscription services. Look through your bills and note all the monthly services you pay for, including cable or satellite TV, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and so on.

Do you really use all of them? Are there services you can do without? Consider canceling any services you rarely use to reduce your monthly bills.

2) Negotiate with Your Provider

When it comes to your cable and satellite TV, you can negotiate with your provider.

Call them and let them know that you are considering canceling your subscription due to the high costs. Providers often offer discounts or promotional deals to keep you as a customer.

3) Invest in a Smart TV

If you haven’t already, consider investing in a Smart TV. A Smart TV will let you stream content directly without needing additional devices such as a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.

A Smart TV can save you money on device costs and potentially eliminate the need for some streaming services.

4) Bundle Services

Another way to save money on entertainment is to bundle services. Many streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ now offer bundles to save money.

For example, you can get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for just $14.99 monthly. That’s a considerable discount compared to subscribing to each service individually.

5) Be on the Lookout for Deals

Streaming services often offer deals and discounts throughout the year. Keep an eye out for these discounts to save money.

You can find deals during holidays, summers, and Black Friday. If you’re considering subscribing to a new service, wait for a special deal before you take the plunge.

6) Consider Cutting Cable or Satellite 

Cable and satellite TV can be costly. If you’re paying for cable or satellite, consider cutting the cord.

Many affordable streaming services and options offer live TV, like Sling TV and Hulu + Live TV, for a fraction of the price of cable and satellite.

7) Buy an Antenna

In addition to cutting cable or satellite, investing in a TV antenna can also save you money.

With a TV antenna, you’ll be able to access local channels for free without paying for cable or streaming services.

Antennas are especially useful for live events and news broadcasts.

8) Share an Account 

Another way to save significant money on streaming services is to share an account with friends or family. Most services allow multiple profiles and offer simultaneous streaming options.

Talk to your family and friends and see if anyone is interested in sharing an account. You can split the monthly costs by sharing accounts and saving some money.

9) Take Advantage of Free Trials

Many streaming services offer free trials. A free trial is a great way to test the service before committing to a paid subscription.

Take advantage of these free trials and make note of the services you genuinely enjoy and find worth paying for.

10) Monitor Your Data Usage

If you’re streaming content regularly, monitoring your data usage is essential. Going over your data limit can result in additional fees from your internet provider.

Consider using Wi-Fi whenever possible or opt for a plan with unlimited data to avoid any surprise charges.

11) Consider Free Streaming Options

While streaming services are more affordable than cable or satellite TV, it’s still important to not overdo it.

Having accounts with multiple streaming services can quickly add up. Be selective and only subscribe to services you truly enjoy and use frequently.

Final Thoughts

Saving money on entertainment doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few simple steps, you can seriously reduce your monthly bills and still enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows.

Evaluate your current subscription services, try bundling services, be on the lookout for deals, consider cutting cable or satellite, and share an account with others. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to saving money on entertainment in no time.

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